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Winter Weather Advisory in Effect!

SnowAs the holidays come and go, hot cocoa is drank, and college bowl games are watched the one thing you can’t predict is the weather. Just this month snowstorms have already blanketed the Northeast and Mideast leading to snow days and traffic delays. The National Weather Service called winter storms the “Deceptive Killers” in a preparedness guide from 2001. Winter storms are deceptive in that there are hidden dangers people forget about. Let’s review and see if you are prepared.

-In 2001 automobile accidents attributed to 70% of injuries related to blizzards (1). In rural areas things can get particularly bad if you get stranded off the beaten bath. It is unfortunate that this happens every year and can end in tragedy.

- Ice storms are very brutal and can cause home damage and power outages. Falling tree branches destroyed utility lines and can leave homeowners without power for weeks.

-Hikers or campers could be at significant risk of hypothermia and frostbite should a storm surprise them. Being prepared with some basic supplies, building a snow shelter and making a fire and make a night in the cold like any other.

US Government agencies and the Red Cross recommend that you have an emergency preparedness kit ready at home and in your vehicle. offers a wide selection of kits for your home, vehicle, and person. Be prepared for the worst, see our selection at
1. NOAA, Winter Storms the Deceptive Killer, (Jun, 2008)


BOBagWhen the situation around you is deteriorating and becoming a true safety hazard you need to be ready to grab your bag and evacuate your home. FEMA recommends that you have at least 72 hours worth of supplies to give yourself time to make it to a safe zone or for first responders to reach you (1). The Risky Ranch Shop offers a variety of customized kits to meet whatever needs or situation you may face. We offer 2 person kits, family kits, dog and cat kits, as well as kits designed for hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. All the kits contain the basic supplies you need such as water, food, and first aid but also offer storage pockets for you to add items that will be exclusive in helping you.

Here are some ideas in what we mean by exclusive help items:

  1. Local City / Town / State maps

  2. Cell Phone Chargers for your make and model

  3. Family Photos (for a first responder to assist in a search)

  4. An emergency contact list (if phone/internet is no longer available)

  5. Personal prescriptions for you and your family

  6. Copies of Health and Property Insurance

Adding these personal items to your “Bug Out Bag” can make the difference in an emergency.

Get your Bug Out Bag today:

1.  Federal Emergency Agency, Build-a-kit, (Mar. 21, 2013)

Are You Ready?

No one ever thinks of all the supplies needed in the case of a natural disaster until the weather alerts are already out. Have you ever tried going out to buy a case of water after those warnings are out? The shelves are cleaned out. You are left to go store to store scrouging what  is left to make sure you’ll have food, water, light, and depending on the event you’ll need plenty of other supplies as well.

In the last three years there have been over 65 natural disasters in the US alone. Causing billions of dollars in damage, destroying roads, homes, towns, and worst of all taking lives. Depending on what region of the country you live in you could face different weather related situations than others, but all of them are beyond our control. Simple preparation can make a huge difference if you ever found yourself in one of these situations.

Products offered by Risky Ranch (many of which are designed for specific situations) are packed with many of the essential items needed to make it through any situation where food and water are limited. They allow for the convenience of all these items being packed in one kit, so there is no mad scramble hours before a storm hits. Be prepared and be ready for anything.